EPA Entrustment Scale Refinements

The final rating scale “EPA Overall Assessment” has changed across all Postgrad Departments, hoping to make the anchors more straightforward, interpretable and to promote uniformity.
Aug 1 / 2020

CBD Update #1 - 2020-2021 Academic Year

Welcome to the new academic year. The DOM CBD Planning and Implementation group wanted to ensure that you were aware of updates regarding EPAs and ELENTRA.
Jul 8 / 2020

Celebrating the Career of Dr. Norman Marcon

Dr. Norman Marcon
Jul 2 / 2020

Charting Our Course: Strategic Priorities of the Department of Medicine 2020-2024

I am pleased to present the Department of Medicine’s Strategic Priorities for 2020 to 2024. These priorities have been informed by recommendations from our external five-year review and extensive stakeholder input over the past year from across our department.
Jun 22 / 2020